Metallography Analyasis


Metallurgical testing of samples detects surface and internal defects, reveals the microstructure and macrostructure of materials and determines conformance to required specifications. Universal testing division’s metallurgical engineers also perform failure analyses to provide insight into the cause of material failures, when performance does not meet expectations. Photo micro graphic equipment with optical magnification from 100X to 1000X is used for evaluation and documentation of findings and digital imaging. Our metallurgical laboratory provides services from test sample preparation to microscopic, macroscopic and micro hardness examinations.

Model no. : SuXma-Series
Brand: Conation
Magnification: 100-1000X
Usages / Application: Metallurgical application

Metallography Analyasis


  • We are check all metallurgical testing parameter like
  • Microstructure analysis- testing to be following STANDARD: (ASM HANDBOOK VOLUME 9: 2004)
  • Phases identification analysis: (ASTM A 923 : 2014, ASM HANDBOOK VOLUME 9 : 2004)
  • IGO analysis: (ASM HANDBOOK VOLUME 9 : 2004, ASTM A 923 : 2014)
  • NMTP analysis: (ASM HANDBOOK VOLUME 9 : 2004, ASTM A 923 : 2014)
  • Determination of content of nonmetallic inclusion in steels by micrographic method: (IS 4163 : 2021, ASTM E 45 A : 2013)
  • Grain size analysis: on metal and alloys (IS 4748 : 2009, ASTM E 112 : 2013)
  • Determination of Coating thickness by microscopically analysis : (IS 3203 : 1987 RA 2006)
  • Measurement of metal and oxide coating thickness microscopical examination of cross section. (ISO 1463:2003, ASTM B-487:2020)
  • Depth of decarburized layer in steels by microscopic method. (IS 6396:2000 RA:2018, ASTM E 1077:2014)
  • Cast iron- Microstructure, graphite type, distribution, size, nodularity & nodule count.