About Us

UNIVERSAL CALIBRATION SERVICES PVT. LIMITED (formerly known as UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENTS) was founded in 1995 as a calibration laboratory. Since then, We have steadily grown by adding many new capabilities including primary and secondary instrumentation to become India's premier full-service calibration laboratory. We provide calibration services to our customer in either our own environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility or on-site at their location. We are currently performing Electro-Technical, Temperature, mechanical-dimensional & Pressure instruments, Torque, mass & Volume Vibration & accelerometer calibration services.
We has started new services at UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENTS (Testing Division) was founded 2018 as a testing laboratory. has been inspecting, testing and certifying materials found in tubular products, bar, plates, wire, castings, fasteners and other products.

Universal holds the accreditations and approvals. To comply with stringent industry requirements. We also have the technical expertise, quality system and latest equipment to meet your needs for quality, service and delivery.

  • Universal instruments (testing division) Laboratory accredited to NABL for chemical, Salt spray, weld penetration, & Metallurgical testing.
  • We issue individual testing report for each testing instruments.
  • Our master instruments are traceable to National / International standards.
  • We have quality testing instruments like SPECTRO MAXX (OES)-AMETEK / LMM07, Microscope Conation-SuXma-Series 100 -1000X, Microscope Conation-SuXma-SZI-0.7-4.5X, Salt spray-INDEECON / INDEE-SFTC.

Universal Instruments (testing division) offers a full array of materials testing services to support our customers with the information, answers and documentation needed for R & D, Material selection, Quality control and failure investigation.

Universal instruments (testing division) knows our customers depend on us for accurate workmanship, Reliable results and answers about their materials and products. That's why quality is a top priority. All testing services are performed according to industry specifications, customer requirements and our own stringent procedures. Details about the services performed are clearly and concisely documented in Certified Test Reports and Failure Analysis Reports.

Although most testing and metrology requirements are fairly routine, we know that customers occasionally need help with unique questions and situations. Our engineers, Chemists, Technicians and customer service staff have the experience to help with answers and solutions. At Universal instruments. We do whatever it takes to get your job done correctly and report the results to you on time. We help you fulfill your obligations, so you can keep your customers satisfied and your business running smoothly.